Below is a list of trusted providers who we've worked with in the past. 

Financial Needs


Randy Randazzo- Vitek Mortgage
Credit Repair Specialist
Jeff Sipes- Blue Water Credit


 John Cargile- Pro Home Inspections
All Points Home Inspection Services
Pest Inspection
Pinnacle Pest Control
Bouey Termite and Construction
Sewer Inspection
Affordable Trenchless and Pipe Lining
Independent Plumbing
Roof Inspections
Roof Doctors
Tim Glass- Rescue Roofer

Heating and Air Specialist
Rusty Fratis- Gold River Mechanical, Inc.
Professional Painter
Jess Epperson- Coles Painting
General Contractor
Rich Tullis- R.T. Construction
(916) 952-5411


Disclaimer: Falcone Friskel does not guarantee any of the work for the list above. We encourage all our clients to do their own research and choose a provider they are comfortable with.